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Four ‘high’, Four-tions and four ‘new


In 1995 ,high technology, high quality, high start point, high quality


In 2005, new brand, new culture, new strength, new image


In2015 ,standardization, institutionalization, specialization, elaboration



  In 1995  Four Highs


High-technology, High-quality, High-starting point, High quality


More than 20 years, 'four highs' are taken as the working goals of Boton, which is committed to creating a sincere, professional, high-quality service platform. Now, on the basis of 'four-tions' in the group management, it further upgrades the 'four highs' criteria.


  In 2005 Four-tions


standardization, institutionalization, specialization, and elaboration


The development of Group marked the change from the decentralized management mode to the group control mode, so Boton's 'Four-tions' came into being: 'standardization' ensures efficient operation of enterprises, and 'institutionalization' norms the staff conduct, and 'specialization' ensures product specialization and service specialization, and 'elaboration' ensures the materialization and clarity of group management. The implementation of 'Four-tions' will provide a solid foundation for the international development of Boton.


  In 2015 Four News


New brand, new culture, new strength, new image


An enterprise without brand and culture cannot last. Boton Group aims at disseminating the Chinese culture to the world, developing with the times, people-oriented, and with tireless exploration and innovation, it strives to create the group's 'new brand, new ideas, new image', thus forming Boton’s cultural spirit of forever innovation and full of vitality, and opening the journey of the fragrant culture with Boton as the platform.


The epochal significance to Boton Group


After 27 years of development, the Boton is now in a stage of stable development and continuous upgrading. Boton proposed the Four Highs 'High-technology, High-quality, High-starting point, High-competency' as the development goals of the current stage, to establish the control system of four-tions 'standardization, institutionalization, specialization, elaboration', and to create the corporate culture spirit of four-news 'new brand, new culture, new strength, new image'. While ensuring that the enterprise has lofty goals, it continuously enhances the group's creativity, so that the group is steadily improved in the changing market environment, and equipped with the core competitiveness of enterprises, to open the international journey.

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