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release time: 2017 - 06 - 28
The use of natural plant resources, through the highly efficient separation technology, access to quality natural raw materials, the material not only can be directly used in essence formula, also can be used as starting material synthesis, through the green chemical synthesis technology, create higher value of natural spices, higher product quality, has higher safety guarantee. Such as the use of citronella oil development geraniol series products; Litsea cubeba oil development of violet ketone series products.
release time: 2017 - 06 - 28
Microencapsulation technology refers to the technology of embedding solid, liquid or even gas and other core materials in semi-permeable or sealed microcapsules using natural or synthetic polymer materials, so that it can only be released at a controlled rate under certain conditions. The microencapsulation of flavor essence can improve the stability of flavor, isolate the contact with the external environment, effectively delay its decomposition, oxidation, volatilization and other metamorphism process, prolong the shelf life of the product, and improve the convenience of storage, transportation and application. Spray drying technology is the most widely used industrial microencapsulation method. It is simple to operate, easy to realize continuous, automated and scaled up production, and ...
release time: 2017 - 06 - 30
Molecular capsule technology use in the molecular structure of polymer compounds and living with the geometry of the cavity structure (e.g., mesh, linear, cone cavity, etc.), by the method of physical chemistry at the molecular level the essence of chimeric, inclusion, makes possible the embedding of essence, people call it the 'molecular capsule' image, is a kind of microcapsule method of molecular level. The molecular encapsulated powder flavor prepared by Bolton Group has good stability, oxidation resistance and slow release properties.
release time: 2017 - 06 - 30
Microemulsion and nanoemulsion is an oil-water mixture system formed by water phase, oil phase, surfactant and co-surfactant in appropriate proportion. The dispersed phase particles are small, between 1-500nm, with high stability. In-depth studies have been carried out in the preparation of cosmetics and new drugs. Botton Group uses sodium/microemulsification technology in food functional component delivery systems (such as flavors, colorants, micronutrients, antibacterial agents, etc.) to improve the solubility and stability of lipophile substances and delay their release. In addition, because the dispersed particles of nano/microemulsion are at the nanometer level, the functional components can be absorbed more easily, and the bioavailability can be improved, so it has a broad applicatio...
release time: 2017 - 06 - 30
The preparation technology of multifunctional sustained-release carrier is to use special process equipment for forming and deep processing of powdery products. The forming treatment can improve product fluidity, reduce dust pollution and meet the requirements of environmental protection. Multi-function control-released carrier technology has become the burton group for processing flavor spices, plant extracts, pigment, vitamin, anti-aging factor, whitening factor, and anti-wrinkle factor, moisturizing factor etc. Function factor, the preparation of multifunctional slow-release important technical means of essence, can effectively solve the problem of sensitive spices aroma volatile and metamorphism, prolonged stay sweet and slow controlled release, in food, daily chemical products, cigare...
release time: 2017 - 06 - 21
Fragrance preparation by microbial fermentationMicrobial fermentation technology is the process of making or producing certain products by biotransformation using microbial cells. Although the history of the preparation of spices by microbial fermentation is not very long, it has shown strong vitality and broad market prospect because of its advantages such as mild conditions, wide open source and renewable raw materials, high specificity and selectivity, simple process and environmental friendliness. Bolton Group has a variety of different specifications of fermenter, can meet the small test, pilot test and scale up production and other different requirements, and has years of production technology precipitation and experience accumulation.Perfume preparation by enzyme catalysisBioenzyme ...
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